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The Student's Notebook of Dagohoy

Shoutout Page

Hi there guys! Isn't it great to have our own page where we can be as wild as we can! So come, hesitate no more! Post as much as you want with this forums!

The Event Guru: Mark this dates on your calendar so you won't be missing any of these events: 19 Feb. 2005: Junior - Senior Promenade ->THE EVENT GURU<- 14 Feb. 2005: Teacher's Day ->THE EVENT GURU<- 15-16 Feb. 2005: 4th Mid-Term Exams ->THE EVENT GURU<- 21 Feb. 2005: Start of week long recollection trips ->THE EVENT GURU<- 25 Feb. 2005: NATIONAL HOLIDAY->THE EVENT GURU<-That's all for this month!

Post everything you want to talk about here:

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We have several dance clubs.

Contact us for additional information and dates about activities we offer.

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